Recipe for treating the unyielding and hard hair

Anthony Dickey, a renowned hair expert, advises for regular quarterly haircuts, over the duration of 12 weeks, for those who want to obtain the curlier structure. Anthony claims that the particular period of time is required for the hair to form strands and split ends. The stylist suggests that in order to maintain or even increase the desired length, one should tell her hairstylist to cut a quarter inch (or less) during each visit to a beauty parlor. This method will ensure that the growth occurs more intensively compared to the volume of cut hair.

What to do if your hair is still untouched

What about the effect of the 12-weeks methods on the young adults? Nathaniel Hawkins, a leading hairstylist, claims that the so-called “maiden” hair, which is it unaffected by numerous hair-coloring and treatment products or hasn’t been damaged by the curling iron or any other heat-producing styling tools, could be subject to the relatively rare trims (one trim per three months) without the risk of looking worn out. Certainly, these conditions apply only if the customer is quite young, presumably in her early 20s.

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