In summer, it’s important to protect your curls from the sun while in autumn you need to protect them from rain and wind.  If you noticed that your hair became drier this autumn, we have a solution! Check out this article and find out our mini-guide on how to protect your locks.

Autumn haircare presupposes the following steps:

 - when the temperature drops,  wear hats, even if you don’t like such accessories much;

 - minimize the use of flat irons and hot stylers;

 - if you use hair dryer, be sure to fully dry your hair and don’t run outside with wet locks;

 - choose a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend you try Amazonliss Pro-Keratin Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner set! Enriched with Coconut Juice and Coconut Water, these products will restore your hair shine and make your hair elastic and strong this autumn. The shampoo will gently clean and revitalize your locks while the conditioner will protect them from seasonal dryness.

 - complement your haircare with nourishing balms and masks (it’s better to take away 2-in-1 hair products until spring and make autumn hair care more consistent);

 - cut off split ends;

 - let your hair take a break from dyeing, perm and aggressive styling (if you can’t do without them, choose ammonia-free dyes and gentle bio perm).

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