We have to admit it: the summer is officially over. However, there’s no reason to be sad at all! Autumn is one of the most beautiful and colorful seasons ever. You only have to provide extra hydration to your hair. How? Find out the answer in this article!

Temperature drops, rain and lack of sun — all this affects the condition of the hair and its appearance. If you live in the south, the problem of autumn hair care doesn’t bother you much. However, residents of large cities where the temperature drops to +10 degrees already in September, need to start taking care of their hair long before harsh frosts.

Cold air doesn't have as much moisture as warm air. Therefore, when it starts to get colder outside, not only the skin begins to dry, but also the hair. A person usually feels hands’ or face dryness and immediately puts on a nourishing cream. However, people don't always feel hair dryness, as in this case dehydration can only be judged by the locks’ dull appearance.

One step keratin treatment is here to help you! Nutree Unique Step protein straightening rebuilds your locks from the inside! Enriched with thermo-hydrolyzed proteins, this product helps to fill the voids in the damaged hair of yours, leaving the locks super shiny, disciplined, and silky. Choose protein hair straightener if you have weak hair, as such treatment is much gentler than many similar keratin treatments.

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