There are so many fans of hair botox all around the world, and it’s absolutely reasonable! Hair botox nourishes and moistures hair, protects it from damages and extreme heat, but at the same time preserves your natural hair structure. However, many women don’t do this procedure regularly, as many of them simply don’t know how to understand that it’s time for the new treatment! The average botox effect lasts about 1-3 months, but there are several factors that can affect its duration. This article will help you to find out when you personally should visit a salon for a new procedure. 


So, it’s time for you to have one more procedure if:


 - Your hair became a little bit more rebellious than several weeks ago;

 - You start to notice that you have more split ends;

 - You see that your hair roots look differently than the rest of your hair;

 - You feel that hairstyling become a little bit harder for you;

 - You understand that the hair becomes drier;

 - You don’t feel the smoothness and softness of your hair, as it became a little bit more stringent.


Pay attention to all these factors. If you found out that 2 or more of them are your case, maybe it’s time to have a new procedure! We recommend you trying Nutree Bottox Expert for the best possible results! 


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