Summer is great not just because it’s absolutely beautiful, but because it makes us beautiful as well! In particular, this refers to gorgeous blondes who want their hair to have a nice gold shade. How can you do it? Let’s find it out!


First of all, let’s review some hottest blonde trends of summer 2020. This season offers plenty of options to choose from:


 - warm honey blonde 

 - golden blonde 

 - wheat blonde 


The more color hues are involved, the more trendy the color looks. The illusion of sun-bleached curls makes hair look very voluminous and sexy. Besides, warm shades make a woman look younger. 


How can you personally make your blonde warmer? Here are some tips:


 - Let the sun do its work. If you want to achieve the needed result faster, spray your hair with a fresh lemon juice and thoroughly comb it. Be careful! This method is suitable only for healthy hair! 


 - Use a camomile decoction. Take two tablespoons of dried camomile and add a glass of hot water. Wait until it gets cold and filter the decoction. Rinse your hair with this super healthy and organic cocktail after washing your hair. 


 - Dye your hair using one of the popular techniques, such as balayage, shatush air touch, and so on. 


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