Did you hear what weathermen say about this summer? They claim that it’s going to be a super hot 3 months! This will definitely make lots of women cut their hair, but how to do it in the right way? We have top-6 cutting hair tips that will help you to do everything just perfect! 

Here is your tips to deal with curled hair this summer

  1. In summer, hair grows faster than in winter - this is accelerated by temperature and the fact that in summer hair roots can literally breathe, as we don't wear warm hats anymore. To grow hair and make it healthier, cut the split ends for at least 0.5 cm once or twice during the summer.
  2. Cut your hair before your vacation, so you will get rid of split ends preventing their further splitting that you may face because of hot sun and salty water. 
  3. Cutting your hair shorter than ever seems to be a nice idea, especially if it’s super hot summer already. Try some trendy options as elongated bob, shaggy, and tomboy. You will look just amazing! 
  4. If you want to add some golden summer hues to your hair color, remember cutting your hair before dying! 
  5. Don’t be afraid if your haircut seems to be not that nice. Remember that you can always make it better just trying some nice beach curls. Curly hair always hides all imperfections of the haircut!
  6. What do you think of bangs? This trend remains very popular even this summer! We recommend you trying elongated bangs. 

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