Summer is the hottest season ever! Each woman definitely wants to look her best during these sunny days. Nutree Amazonliss, Bottox Expert, and Amazonliss Unique Step are the most popular summer haircare treatments among Nutree customers. Taking into account that many beauty salons are still closed at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many women prefer carrying out the above-mentioned procedures at home. However, there is one step that usually seems to be pretty confusing: what does “Rinse 50% of hair” mean? Keep on reading in order to find it out!  


This step is a part of the Nutree Amazonliss Unique Step treatment. First of all, you have to apply Amazonliss Unique Step Protein Smoothing right on your hair and wait for 40 minutes. The next step is rinsing your hair, leaving approximately 50% of the composition on it. What does it mean? 


You have to rinse your hair, therefore, washing off the excess of composition. 50% is quite an approximate figure, so don’t worry that you can wash off too much composition. Just touch your hair while rinsing it: you have to feel that the composition is still on your hair, but there is not too much of it. 


Here it is! Hope we managed to explain this step to you, so now you can enjoy your treatment! 


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