Are you concerned about the negative effects of stress on your life and, consequently, on your hair? If yes, then you’re not alone. Our life is full of work and family issues, which are constantly keep us stressed and tensed. Despite all our efforts to control the situation, constant anxiety can have a profound effect on the health of our hair and overall well-being as well.

Stress and hair loss are closely related. In fact, almost two-thirds of people call stress the main cause of insufficient volume and density of their hair - more so than age, hormonal changes, illnesses, or medications.

There are six main factors affecting hair thinning, where stress and different traumas are the second most important factor after genetics. Stress unbalances all chemical reactions in your body: it’s not only unbalances your hormonal metabolism, but also irritates the skin, and worsens the general condition of the scalp. The scalp plays a huge role in the growth of healthy hair: in the absence of a clean and healthy growth environment, hair quickly becomes weak and dull.

One of the most common forms of hair loss due to stress is telogen alopecia. In this condition, a high level of stress causes the body to change the natural life cycle of the hair.

It may sound very primitive but if you want to keep your hair healthy and thick, you’d better learn how to be more relaxed and psychologically stable. Along with that, use effective hair treatment and products that will become your helpers and friends in a daily fight for beautiful hair. We recommend you paying attention to Nutree Amazonliss. Amazonliss is a System of Deep Restoration and Long-term hair straightening. The high strength of hair fiber regeneration is achieved due to the action of Hydrolyzed Keratin and the Antioxidant properties of natural extracts of Acai and Cocoa from the Amazon Valley in Brazil.

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