It's no secret that while girls with straight hair are constantly testing new curling stylers, the owners of wavy and curly hair are dreaming of a magnificent waterfall of smooth hair at any cost. Fortunately, this price is very low if you have professional shampoo for hair straightening in your arsenal. Our experts tell you how to choose and use different shampoos especially for straight and shiny hair.

The main difference between professional shampoos for straightening curly hair from ordinary shampoos in a higher concentration of silicones, polymers and other ingredients that coat the hair and make it heavier. It’s due to this that smoothing of fluffy and curly hair happens. At the same time, shampoos and balms for hair straightening don’t change the structure of the hair, which means that they can’t make curly hair perfectly straight. However, they can structure the curls, smooth the hair waves and protect the strands from moisture and other weather disasters.

After keratin treatment choose sulfate-free shampoo. Almost every hair product on the market is made on the basis of sulfate formulas, which provide an excellent washing effect but are quite aggressive substances that adversely affect the hair cuticles.

Don’t forget using a special Nutree Amazonliss Anti - Residue shampoo from time to time. Thanks to its formula based on natural extracts it can effectively wash off all residues from your hair, providing a deep washing of it.

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