The right choice of shampoo is a guarantee of healthy, beautiful hair. Are you sure you know your hair type and the problems that are typical of it? Are you sure that you choose the perfect shampoo for your hair? Want to check it out?

Let's say right away: to determine your hair type "once and forever" is almost impossible. The human body in one way or another undergoes changes and, accordingly, the condition of the hair changes as well. Hormonal background, the functioning of the liver and pancreas, as well as, of course, lifestyle and ecology - this is not the whole list of peculiarities, having taken into account which, we better understand our hair.

Normally there are shampoos for each hair type

Normal hair

Recommendations on the choice of shampoo: The formula of shampoos for normal hair includes a vitamin complex and various extracts, and the pH level is not higher than 7. In general, there are fewer “detergent” components in such shampoos.

Oily hair

Recommendations for choosing shampoo: Pay attention to shampoos containing extracts of nettle, chamomile, sage, willow bark, currant leaves, coltsfoot, and birch. Also in the favorite are shampoos (as well as conditioners and masks for the scalp) with clay, vitamins A and C.

Dry hair

Recommendations for choosing shampoo: Pay attention to moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, avocado, and almond.

Mixed type

Recommendations for choosing a shampoo: You should pay special attention to the hair ends, providing them with more care.

Sometimes, before some treatments or after a long period of styling with hair products, you need a special anti - residue shampoo. We recommend using Nutree Amazonliss Anti - Residue Shampoo with Acai and Cocoa extracts.

Thanks to alkaline pH, the shampoo deeply cleanses the hair, removing all residues.

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