Hair dye is one of the most popular hair products of all time. Of course, there are lots of myths about this product. In this article, we will try to shatter the most popular myths about the hair dyeing,


Myth No. 1 - Safe hair dye doesn’t exist. 

Of course, it does. Nowadays producers of hair products are trying to get away from ammonia and other harmful ingredients, using natural extracts and substances.


Myth No. 2 - owners of curly hair shouldn’t change their hair color, otherwise, the result will be dissatisfying. 

Firstly, you need to find a stylist who specializes in dyeing curly hair. Secondly, there is no need to be afraid of dying your hair, because you can always find a styling product that was created for curly hair. For this hair type, we recommend light dyeing or a technique that uses brown and gold shades together.


Myth No. 3 - ombre and balayage are not the best options for short hair. 

Everyone can and should experiment!  Most dyeing techniques work great on both long and short hair. For example, ombre is a smooth transition from a dark shade to a light one. This can be easily done on short hair.

As for the balayage technique, it‘s definitely the main trend of the season. It suits absolutely everyone!


Myth No. 4 - Salon hair dyeing will make the hair beautiful for a long time. 

Some women believe that expensive hair dyeing in the salon will allow them to forget about hair care, however, this is not so. One of the most important steps is home care. Pay attention to multifunctional hair sprays that nourish, moisturize and protect your hair at the same time.


Myth No. 5 - All blond shades will fade to yellowness. 

This is not so. Nowadays there is a whole bunch of hair care products for eliminating yellow tones. One of such products is Nutree Blonde Secret Violet Shampoo. It will help you to keep the hair color fresh. In the composition of the Blonde Secret Violet shampoo, there are wheat and soy proteins that help keep the hair elastic, shiny and hydrated. Effectiveness + haircare = Blonde Secret Violet Shampoo!

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