It’s no surprise that your hair becomes duller in autumn. Lack of sun and vitamin D, change of your summer full-of-fruits diet to more fatty one, strong wind, and busy life — all these factors provoke hair dullness. However, is there a way to restore hair color vividness and make your locks lively again? We’ve got all the answers, check out this article!

If you noticed that your hair condition has worsened with the change of season, try Nutree Bottox Expert product line! Our Hair Bottox products will give you healthier-looking hair in just few minutes. The protein in the composition of each mask will fill the gaps in the protective cuticle layer of your strands, improving hair texture. These are completely natural products enriched with Almond Oil and Marine Collagen.

Apart from Classic Brazilian Botox Expert, we have Brown Bottox Expert and Red Bottox Expert! 

Red Bottox is a red color depositing mask for ginger hair. Now redheads have a perfect product that will make their hair color amazing without any damage. The same refers to our magnificent brunettes, as now they have an opportunity to make their hair color vivid again without using chemical hair dyes. The result will last up to 2 months! 

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