Did you notice that there are more hairs on your brush left in autumn? Don’t panic, the thing is that absolutely normal! In this article, we’ll reveal you the possible reasons of autumn hair loss and tell what you can do to fix the situation. Keep on reading! 

First of all, hair growth is a cyclical process, so moderate and gradual hair renewal is the norm. There are about 100 - 150 thousand hairs on a woman's head, a loss of 1% is a healthy process.

Among common reasons for autumn hair loss are the following:

 - Autumn is a natural period of replacement of weakened hairs with new, young, and strong ones.

 - Weather changes worsen your mood and lower levels of the happiness hormones that support good state of health. Thus, your immunity weakens, skin, and your hair condition becomes worse as well.

 - The level of female hormones in the body, which are directly responsible for the condition of hair and skin, decreases. 

How can you use hair growth mask for it to protect your hair from falling out this autumn? Everything is super simple! Length Extender Mask was created specially for hair growth. The result is fantastic: your hair will grow 4 inches longer in just 3 months, become healthier-looking and much more nourished.

The brand new formula includes powerful proteins to strengthen and condition your hair. Among the key components there are also filler complex and burdock oil. You won’t find parabens or sulfates in the composition. Besides, this hair care mask provides strengthening and conditioning effects for your hair! Isn’t it what our locks need the most in autumn? 

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