If the healthy and beautiful look of your hair is a priority for you, you might want to consider a keratin treatment procedure. It makes your hair much easier to style every day and the effects can last for longer than any other procedures can deliver. Besides, keratin treatment effectively removes frizz which is an exasperating issue for many of us.

Keratin treatment can be applied both in hair salons and at home. Obviously, hair salon procedures provide professional results which are not that easy to replicate at home. At the same time, the effect of a keratin treatment that you do on your own will depend on how much formaldehyde you are going to use.

Before you do anything, be aware that formaldehyde can cause cancer. It penetrates into the body when you inhale it or apply the solution to the hair. Exactly which amount of formaldehyde is harmful depends on many factors. Most importantly, it has to be applied in a room with good ventilation and according to the safety requirements.

However, the considerable degree of risk only appears if a person is using formaldehyde too often (e.g., daily). If you are undergoing the procedure in a hair salon, the staff knows the safety requirements. Also, there are formaldehyde-free solutions on the market as well.

You may ask, why bother with keratin treatment at all then? Because its effects are stunning: the hair gets smooth, vibrant and perfectly straight. No split ends and frizz. The hair gets much easier to manage in the mornings and it keeps the great look even in the windy and rainy weather. Moreover, the effects last for at least several weeks (precise timing will depend on the solution you have been using).

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