If you are struggling with frizz, keratin treatment is a life saver. It is especially tempting to undergo this procedure during summer to minimize the time spent on styling. But if you are planning your vacation by the seaside, forget about swimming in the ocean – salt will ruin your perfectly straight and smooth hair.


Why is salt water harmful?

Salt water contains sodium which penetrates into the hair cuticles and ruins keratin. Your hair will not only lose its shine and straightness but will become dry too. Unfortunately, chlorine has the same effect so swimming in the pool is not an option either.


First of all, do try not to. But if you do, remember to use a leave-in conditioner or wet your hair with usual water before swimming. This is not much help but it does keep salt and chlorine from acting too quickly. Additionally, wash your hair as soon as you are done swimming to remove salt or chlorine asap.

A couple of other things to remember about

Another element that ruins the effect of a keratin treatment is sulfate which is frequently used in shampoos. Be mindful to only buy sulfate-free shampoos.

The first few days after keratin treatment are critical. Do not wash your hair at all and keep it loose (do not form a ponytail). Washing the hair removes keratin, while a ponytail can cause frizz and kink. Wait three days, after that you are safe.

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