Hair botox is among the most popular haircare treatments nowadays, however, not all ladies know the peculiarities of this procedure. Check out this article and find out literally everything you wanted to know about the magical hair botox treatment!

What is hair botox

Hair botox belongs to the category of those treatments that provide an instant effect. It has nothing to do with injectable facial botox, but is so called because it gives a similar result for hair: it smoothes and seals cuticles in your locks, which makes them look shiny. The main component of hair botox is usually organic substance called intrasilan.

Penetrating into the hair, it rebuilds it, filling existing voids. In addition to intrasilane, some hair botox compositions may also contain a whole complex of vitamins and minerals, as well as keratin and collagen, that provide full nutrition to the hair. Frequent coloring, constant use of styling products and heat-devices: all these are indications for the use of hair botox. You can also add stress, poor nutrition, bad habits, and poor ecology to this list — all these factors directly affect the condition of our hair. As a result, it loses volume and shine

 Benefits of Hair

Botox hair treatment has many undeniable benefits. It helps to cope with a lot of hair problems at once. Split ends, brittleness, dryness, dullness, disobedience, frizz, fluffiness, problems with styling and other issues associated with hair damage — these are the things that hair botox  successfully eliminates.

The procedure helps to restore dry hair, gives shine and elasticity to your locks as well as saturates hair structure with vitamins. With the help of hair botox, you can also improve blonde hair shade. Another benefit is instant action. To make the effect last longer, you need to perform several timely treatments, however the result will be immediate!

Hair botox:

  •  restores the hair structure and prevents dryness.
  •  provides shine and saturation.
  •  has a smoothing effect (makes hair styling easier).  
  •  adds elasticity and density to curls (by filling in the voids in hair structure). 
  •  improves hair color and prevents yellowness which is important for blondes

How long does hair botox last?

The composition that is applied to the curls will be slowly washed off. That is, over time, the effect will disappear due to hair washing. However, don’t be upset, because on average, with proper care, the result can last for 2-3 months. Of course, it all depends on the quality of the composition itself. For example, some hairstylists use composition which doesn’t contain hyaluronic acid and keratin. As a result, such botox provides an effect only on the outer layer of the hair without penetrating into structure. Besides, proper care also affects the duration of the result obtained. In that case, if you follow some recommendations and properly care for the curls after the procedure, you will be able to prolong the effect of botox hair treatment.

How to Treat Your Hair After Hair Botox?

In the first 3 days, the botox protective coating around each this hair becomes hard and strong. During this period, you shouldn’t wash your hair, go to the swimming pool or sauna, use hairpins, elastic bands, and wear hats. After a botox treatment, it’s also recommended to wash your hair every 3-4 days. A sulfate-free shampoo will be the best option.


Hair Botox vs Keratin: how to choose right?

These treatments both have something in common, however, they also have some significant differences. With keratin treatment, the hair is filled and enveloped with liquid keratin, which gives the effect of absolute smoothness and neat hair. Hair botox also has a therapeutic effect, however penetrating into the hair without reducing the natural waviness.

Besides, it allows blondes to get rid of annoying yellowness. Keratin straightening has a longer effect and is more suitable for dry and lifeless hair. Botox is a more universal restorative procedure. Smoothing the hair isn’t the main purpose of the botox hair treatment, thus, you won’t get 100% straight hair.

What is hair botox?

Now you definitely know the answer to this question! Still got something you want to know? Check out our Q&A then!

Q. When can I dye my hair after botox hair treatment? 

 A. Wait for at least 10 days before dyeing your hair to get a nice result without damaging the botox hair coating.

Q: Should I use keratin treatment instead of botox?

A: It will be reasonable only if you have severely damaged (or burnt) hair and want to make it super sleek and straight.

Q: How much does hair botox cost?

A: Botox usually costs $80 - $300 at hair salons, however, home treatments are much cheaper - the prices start from $65.

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