Star Wars hairstyles are definitely worth to have a look at! This universe has millions of fans all over the globe, and we’re definitely into these movies as well, are you? In today’s article, we decided to make up a list of the most remarkable hairstyles which had the popular heroes of this saga. Check out this article and let the force awake!

  1. Princess Leia hairstyle

George Lucas, the director of the saga, once told in an interview that he had to work hard to ensure that the look of Princess Leia wasn’t associated with any fashion trend, and eventually the Mexican revolutionary Clara de la Rocha became his inspiration. She had the same remarkable side-buns as Princess Leia. Princess Leia's hairstyle will take only 10 minutes to make! To do this, you will need only two side ponytails and a couple of hairpins. By the way, apart from her super famous side-buns, Princess Leia also rocked an Alderaanian braided hairdo. You can see it two movies which are The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi.

 2. Rey

The most popular hairstyle of this character is the one that she rocked in The Force Awakens movie. Fans called it “The Three Knobs” which became Rey’s signature hairstyle. In fact, it’s a triple bun hairstyle. Some fans even call Rey’s hairstyle “the new buns” referring to the signature hair look of Princess Leia. Such a hairstyle is pretty practical and not fussy, so you can easily rock it for everyday life

 3. The Padawan braid

The Padawan braid is a traditional distinguishing hairstyle of Jedi students. It’s hair (or artificial threads) braided into a thin braid. In the Old Jedi Order, Padawans (especially males) regardless of gender had short hair with a symbolic braid that showed their belonging to Padawans. Exceptions were sometimes made for some races and even for humans. If the padawan belonged to a race just couldn’t grow a braid (for example, Togruta or Twi'lek), then it was made for him artificially, usually from beads.

 4. Qui-Gon Jin

Qui-Gon's hairstyle took a lot of effort. The hairstylists experimented with braids, "mohawk" and a ponytail before coming to a final option combining several concepts. In our opinion, Qui-Gon Jin has the nicest hairstyle as a Jedi ever! It is very simple but elegant at the same time. Besides, it can be rocked both by a man and a woman. This hairstyle first appeared in The Phantom Menace movie

5 Queen Padme

Padme is both brave and beautiful, and in almost every scene she has a new outfit and hairstyle. According to the palace rules, she was obliged to wear incredibly complex outfits, hairstyles and ritual makeup. Some of her hairstyles are very complicated and almost impossible to create without the help of wigs or elaborate headdresses, for example, her outfit of Queen Amidala. Fortunately, there are several hairstyles that can be recreated on regular hair.

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