Botox for hair is a procedure aimed at restoring and improving the strands with the help of a special cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates deep into each hair. The composition of the products that process hair includes such ingredients as elastin, vitamins of groups A, B, E and C, keratin, natural extracts, glutamic acid, amino acids, and oils.

All these components strengthen the hair, provide its flexibility and elasticity, activate the processes of metabolism and hair growth, make the strands more alive, bulky and shiny, as well as strong and elastic. The whole essence of the procedure is the impact on the hair structure from the inside. The active ingredients penetrate inside and restore the molecular structure of the hair, filling the damage.

There are two types of procedures: to restore damaged hair and straighten unruly strands. It is necessary to choose the type of Botox that corresponds to your problem. The result after the procedure lasts about two months, after which the course can be repeated.

Botox will make your hair attractive and noticeable

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