When and why is the hair toning done for blondes? If the light color of your curls is natural, then the procedure allows you to change a little. Add a lighter or darker shade to your hair and you can refresh your look. In addition, the new image does not bother you, because comparing with the colors, the tonic comes off much faster.

But if you become blonde, then you need toning, and here's why:

the use of brightening dyes destroys the structure of the hair. Toning agents are rich in regenerating agents, allowing the curls to return a healthy appearance, getting strong and healthy hair.

Thanks to the hair toning you get a more uniform and natural coloring, having a gentle effect on already damaged curls.

When you become a fairly bright blonde, the problem of yellowness arises, which can spoil the look - tinting components can help eliminate this problem by effectively masking the yellowness.

What result can you expect? Do not expect a dramatic change in color. Even intensive toning components cannot change the painting more than 3 tones.

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