We live in an age when hair loss has become quite a common problem both for men and women. Stress, bad habits, poor ecology, lack of sleep - all these factors contribute to hair loss. What can you face and what are the tips that can come in handy? Check out this article!
First of all, let’s check the main reasons for hair loss:
- Lack of nutrients in a body
- Hormonal changes
- A sharp change in temperature
- Stress
- Long-term intake of medicines
- Tight braids and buns
What can you do?
- Consult a doctor. That’s the basic thing that you can and should do.
- Add vitamins. For example, If you don’t get enough vitamin A, you may face hair loss. However, the thing that if you get way too much vitamin A, you may face hair loss as well, so be careful while choosing the required dose. Besides, low level of vitamin D is usually associated with hair loss. On the contrary, if you get enough vitamin D, you will likely be gifted with new hair follicles.
- Try Nutree Amazonliss Growth Hairloss Control. Its composition includes Biotin, which both cares for your hair scalp and prevents hair loss. Bio Vegetal Complex regulates the sebaceous gland function and activates cellular metabolism, which contributes to hair growth.

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