We really hope that you stay beautiful and healthy during this self - isolation period. What you need is to stay home with your families because this hard period can bring us as close to each other as we’ve probably never been.

Women are women and of course, each lady wants to be beautiful and attractive even in social isolation. What products will you need in order to keep your hair looking nice and neat? Let’s find it out together!

 - Shampoo and hair conditioner. These are essentials. Choose some multi-purpose products that will cope with many hair issues at once. Don’t let your locks stay greasy for too long as it contributes to hair loss and scalp issues, wash your hair regularly.

 - Blondes should buy special anti-yellow products that will help them to cope with nasty brassy shades. Pay attention to our Nutree Blonde Secret Set, which contains a violet shampoo and a violet mask. Apply them approximately one time a week for the best result.

 - How about some professional treatments that can be easily done by you at home? Pay attention to Nutree Amazonliss or Bottox Expert according to your hair needs. Irrespectively of what exactly product line you choose, you will get very smooth, straight and shiny hair that will stay like this for long!

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