You could’ve thought that we forgot about our gorgeous brunettes. No way we did! In this article, we will review the hottest spring - summer 2020 hairstyle trends exclusively for brunettes! Let’s go!


 - Bangs, bangs, bangs! The spring of 2020 is officially the bangs season: you can choose many bangs options, starting from feminine long bangs to super short Garson option. The only bang that is out of the fashion right now is the diagonal bangs, but you can rock even this option if you are brave enough


 - Remember that even if you don’t like the result you can always conceal bangs under a nice hair clip or a hairband. Accessories are one of the hottest trends this spring. Pay attention to pearl, crystal and suede options.


 - What about the luxurious Hollywood - like soft waves? It’s the trend that equally suits blondes and brunettes, making each of them look very sexy yet elegant.


 - Short haircuts will also be at the peak of popularity. Stylists recommend you such options as retro, pixie, and bob haircuts. Let’s have a look at the bob cut as one of the main spring-summer 2020 trend. Try it if you are brunette with the dark and vivid chestnut shade. This hair color will accentuate the geometry of this haircut making you look very edgy.


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