Head massage is a procedure that gives an aesthetic, health-improving, and soothing result. It can be performed either professionally or by a completely untrained beginner. In this article, we consider several types of head massage and talk about how to do it at home. Besides, we also reveal the secret of why this procedure can replace expensive treatments! Keep on reading
Indications for a head massage:
Massage helps to get rid of problems that cannot be cured even with pills: for example, headaches, migraines, insomnia.
For health:
-Relaxation of the nervous system;
-Increase the level of immunity;
-Relaxation of the muscles of the cervical-collar zone, the removal of spasms;
-Normalization of blood pressure.
For beauty:
-Acceleration of hair growth, increasing their density;
-Getting rid of the oily hair problem;
-Improving hair look;
-Reducing the severity of wrinkles, solving the problem of a lowered face oval.
Contraindications to head massage:
-Inflammatory processes, increased body temperature;
-Oncological diseases;
-Increased blood pressure;
-Diseases of the scalp;
-Hair loss.
Head self-massage at home
Put your fingertips on your scalp and move them in a circular motion, slightly pressing on your scalp. Start from your neck and work your way up.
Contact with hair can also have a relaxing effect: lightly pull your hair, of course, so that it feels nice. Even in the first seconds of the procedure, you will feel the blood flow. At the end of the session, gently stroke the scalp and hair with both hands. The duration of the procedure is 1-2 minutes, but if you want more, we are only supporting you! After you finished scalp massage, gently comb your hair in order to stimulate hair follicles. It will help your hair to grow even faster!

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