Christmas is right around the corner, can you feel it? What about a super cool Christmas hairstyle that will make you look awesome? In this article, we have collected the best and most creative Christmas hairstyles for every taste and occasion. Keep on reading!
1. Glitter ponytail.
If you prefer glamorous hairstyles and your Christmas look will be glitzy, we recommend trying the glitter ponytail. It’s very simple: make a low ponytail and apply gel glitter on it with a thin painting brush. Choose a glitter color that will match your gown!
2. Snowflake spray tattoo.
A perfect option for bold women (and even men!) who have short hair. Make a paper snowflake stencil, put it on your hair, and spray the colored hairspray all over the stencil. Voila! Your snowflake is ready! In order to make it brighter, you can apply some glitter to it!
3. Christmas wreath.
The boldest option! You will need two hairsprays in different colors. Separate your hair into two equal parts. Cover one part with a disposable towel. Take one of the hairsprays and spray it over one part of the hair, let it dry. Then cover the colored part and spray another one with a hairspray of another color. Let it dry too. Fix a Christmas wreath with bobby pins. Choose the hairsprays so they match the colors of your wreath!

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