It’s spring which means that it’s the best season for a little haircut change! Nature is awakening from winter, so do people. It’s no surprise that we want to make a little change just to fresh up the way we look. How to choose the best haircut that will suit you? Check out our article in order to see some tips.


  1. Pay attention to your face shape. It’s the crucial point in choosing the best haircut. Face shape consists of the forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length. It can be oval, rectangular, triangular, round, heart, so on. Check the Internet for more information and ways of identifying your face shape.


The oval shape is an eternal classic. Any hairstyle will look nice on you if you have this face shape. However, there is a haircut that will suit literally any face shape, which is a shoulder-length bob or any shoulder-length cut.


  1. Pay attention to your hair type. Is it dry or oily, curly or straight? The thing is that the thinner and straighter hair you have, the more voluminous and chic it will look if you choose shorter hairstyle options. This way your hair will not look way too flat. If you have curly hair, you probably have to choose some shoulder-length cuts. They don’t look way too messy, as in case of shorter options, and can be pretty easily styled.

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