Straight hair with a mirror shine is a dream of all women who have rebel hair. Small curls, tight curls, fluffy curls - all of them are straightened with a hair straightener practically every day. Such regular manipulations affect hair health and appearance. In order to minimize risks, it is necessary to choose the right method of hair care.

Not many people can regularly visit the hair salon for high-quality hair straightening. It’s pretty expensive and time - consuming. At the same time, everyone wants to maintain an attractive appearance. We have mentioned our Amazonliss Keratin series for home keratin treatment many times. It’s a perfect time - and money consuming natural solution for your hair. Today we’d like to provide you with necessary recommendations on the procedure.

If you decided to do keratin straightening at home, then you need to carefully evaluate your capabilities: will it be possible to carry out the procedure without special knowledge, the help of someone else? Before you start the procedure, it is recommended that you carefully study the theory. It is advisable to get training in a specialized center or with a practicing hair stylist. Be sure to carefully study the instructions for the selected composition.

Home-made keratin straightening procedure helps reduce the cost of the procedure and give a good lasting result at the same time. A correctly performed procedure does not harm the hair, it gives a healing, protective effect, perfect smoothness, and mirror shine. A negative aspect of the method is the possibility of hair damage due to the violation of the technology proposed by the manufacturer of the product. Be careful while reading the instructions. Contact your hair stylist, if necessary.

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