Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in the world, celebrated both by children and adults. If you want to look like a Halloween queen, you have to consider not only your costume but also your hair. 

Many people make the following mistake: they prepare the extravagant costume, do carnival makeup, but at the same time do their hair in a usual way. Frankly speaking, you don’t need much money for your transformation. You can style your hair beautifully, using some stuff from your wardrobe, for example, laces, beads or pieces of fabric. The main aim is to create a unified Halloween look!

The main colors of the Halloween holiday are orange and black. Orange is primarily associated with pumpkin, and black with darkness and death. If these colors will be used not only in your outfit but in hairstyle as well, then you will be definitely dressed in the Halloween style.

If you want to transform yourself into a good fairy, you may use temporary hair dyes, sparkles and hair extensions. We recommend pink, light purple, silver, and yellow colors. 

If you are blonde and you want to change your hair for Halloween a little, you may use violet shampoo in order to get cold ash shade. Do not use ammonia dyes, otherwise, you will ruin your hair. 

Remember that you can always change your hair color without damaging your hair. One more tip is a color spray that is very popular nowadays. It’s available in any possible color, so you will easily find one that is suitable for your Halloween outfit. The best advantage of such a spray is that it easily washes off your hair without causing it any damage. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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