Women are great experimenters, as they always like to change their appearance in one way or another. Of course, lots of women just can’t live with one hairstyle or hair color, however, they don’t want to lose their hair length. So how can you change your hair without using scissors? In this article, we will reveal all the secrets! 
 1. We have written about different buns and braids for a million times already! It’s a perfect option unfairly forgotten and neglected by many women. Check out the previous article about winter hairstyles for some inspiration!
 2. Of course, we recommend using different kinds of accessories, such as hair clips, hair bands, etc. 
- Hairpins are a must-have for fashionistas. Pearl motifs are super popular in winter fashion. They are present in trendy manicure, in finishing of designer shoes and iconic handbags, on clothes and winter hairstyles as well. Hairpins with rhinestones are also a trendy option for a night out.
  - Bobby pin stack. As you already understood, hairpins are at the top of many trends this winter. Do you have a lot of simple hairpins that are not decorated with pearls or rhinestones? They can also be used creatively and trendy! The trick is not to hide them under your hair, as you usually do. Many super trendy celebrities now pin their hair with a large number of hairpins, simply in a row or forming some patterns. This trend is called the bobby pin stack.
  - Hair lace is one more nice option. It can be either silk, leather, or suede. Choose the material according to your clothes. You can pin the lace with simple bobby pins in order to securely fix it on your hair.

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