Winter is the coldest season ever but it doesn’t mean that you can stay trendy and have a nice hairstyle, right? What are the trendiest 2020 winter hairstyle options? Check out the article and get inspired! 
1. Loose hair. This is a perfect option for owners of hair of any length. If you want to, you can make some nice curls, starting from the middle of your hair. You don’t have to make flawless curls, because under your hat they will almost immediately lose their beautiful appearance. If you curl the ends of your hair and add volume to it, your hair will look natural and stylish.
  2. Bun. If you have long hair, feel free to make a bun, and don’t be afraid to experiment. It can be classic, either low or tied at the side. This elegant hairstyle is perfect not only for work but also for cozy meetings with friends. The bun will be loved by fans of berets and warm winter headbands.
  3. Casual braid. You can easily make such a hairstyle: make a regular loose braid, leaving a few strands of hair by your face. The result is a simple yet sophisticated boho-chic hairstyle. Such braid can be made by owners of medium and long hair.
  4. Side braid. A great option for the cold season. Thanks to its versatility, such a simple and at the same time sophisticated hairstyle suits a warm scarf, any hats, and even a wide-brimmed hat.
  5. Low ponytail. The best option for a hat in the cold season is a low tail. Such a hairstyle won’t lose its nice appearance, but its main advantage is that it is very easy to create it in a minimum amount of time.

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