The correct shampoo can be quite a magical cure for any hair problem, but if you do not shampoo matched correctly, the magic tool instantly from your faithful ally in the beauty can turn into a real enemy!

Not correctly picked shampoo can accelerate the natural aging of hair, excess fat, as well as the loss of light and brittle.

To choose the right shampoo, use valuable tips below.

Selecting a specific product: certainly difficult because of the variety of products to choose the one most suitable for you. Here you will only one piece of advice: do not trust advertising, and photos of beautiful models, painted in a jar. Try to feel it and hear their hair, because they have a lot to tell you. First, you need to clearly define the state of the hair, to find the problems that you want to correct by using a shampoo: Hair dryness, dullness, lack of volume, very damaged ends; dandruff, etc.

Also, when choosing a shampoo it is necessary to consider how often you wash your hair and even your biological age, which affects the structure and renewal of hair. Then take a jar and carefully read the description and purpose of the shampoo. Each jar it should be, you can also seek the assistance of a consultant in the store or the Internet.

The amount of shampoo: no need to think that the more you pour shampoo on his head, the hair will be properly clean. Fits your shampoo should be sufficient droplet size of 1 ruble coin, it is very economical and safe for the hair. When the shampoo is applied in excess it washes lipids and natural oils to the hair, these substances prevent brittleness.

Application of the shampoo: The main part of the shampoo in the jelly form must be applied to the scalp, followed by gentle massage evenly distributed along the entire length of hair, note that the length of the foam should be distributed only! The frequency of washing is not recommended to wash your hair every day. Also as in the excess product at high frequency, shampoo takes natural oiliness of the scalp it is important to give the hair a healthy aspect. Experts say that more often 2-3 times a week to wash the head not recommended.

Sulfates and silicones: This substance is extremely harmful to the hair, they do not cure the problem, but only temporarily mask. Incidentally, sulfates are used in dishwashing detergent and cleaning toilets, for deep cleaning of grease and dirt. Imagine what you doom your hair? Visit a hairdresser: it is not a legend - neatly trimmed ends or pick up a modern haircut, complete with a properly chosen a good shampoo helps hair to shine, to have a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

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