FAQ: AmazonLiss Smoothing Treatment

All you need to know about Amazonliss

If you put more funds Amazon Liss Smoothing Treatment into thin strands, it will improve the efficiency of the procedure? No. It is best to apply the normal amount of long sector is faster and more convenient for both the master and the client. For best results, you need to put the necessary amount evenly. Is it possible to put means Amazon Liss Smoothing Treatment once all the hair and then dry your hair? No. Our experiments have shown that drying should be carried out stages. Dry the hair sector 2, then go to the following sectors. This helps to prevent the formation and release of steam.

There is some important information you need to know when applying AmazonLiss Smoothing Treatment?

Yes. At the time when you apply the tool dry and straighten hair frontal sectors, it is necessary to work carefully, not to touch the face of the client.

Can I color my hair right after the procedure AmazonLiss Smoothing Treatment?

For best effect, and to the health of the hair, we recommend to dye your hair two days before the procedure, to better the pigment in the hair locks.

If the customer wants a little fix of hair, can make the procedure to all the hair?

Yes. However, when working with the straightening device does not affect the ends of the hair, or pass them to no more than 3 times that they are healthy and natural looking.

Is it important to avoid contact with AmazonLiss Smoothing Treatment on the scalp?

Yes, to avoid getting money for the scalp to perform application means the entire width of the sector.

What if the AmazonLiss Smoothing Treatment falls on the scalp?

If the client has sensitive skin at the site of contact peeling agent can be, as it is an acid. This problem is solved by a salty solution and Anti-frizz shampoo.

Will the hair be straight immediately after washing?

After the usual 5-7 minutes blow-drying the hair will be perfectly straight and smooth.

Can I apply to the Brazilian smoothing hair extensions?

Yes, the Brazilian smoothing is perfect for hair extensions, both artificial and natural. The best result is achieved if the stylist will handle locks to build separately before they fix on the head. If the stylist wants to apply the Brazilian smoothing already in hair extensions, it is necessary to be extremely careful when using tools in the field of joining hair as a means of acting as air conditioning and creates a slip between hair extensions and the present. If the stylist separate hair extensions real hair from the client, it will reach the best results.

Can I get a free sample of Amazonliss?

No free samples are offered. The product can be purchased on a website.

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