Hair Care after keratin straightening

How to treat hair after the Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian straightening is not only a way to make hair smooth, it's also kind of treatment and hair restoration. With the latest development and composition tools for straightening, keratin promotes not only the beauty but also the health of hair.

Keratin is a robust protein that is found in skin, hair, teeth and nails. Chemical aldehyde derived from formaldehyde interacts with keratin to make the hair smooth and healthy. Now, many agents for straightening contains the aldehyde, but Nutree means it is not contained. As part of the present methylene glycol, which successfully replaces harmful substances and contributes to the treatment of hair.

While customers who have undergone the Brazilian straightening, there are various methods of treatment after keratin straightening is necessary to know all the nuances of the use of medical cosmetics. Therefore, we want to remind you about two ways of maintaining straightening and hair treatment.

After straightening, you must be sure to buy a special shampoo, conditioner and mask or hair oil, the last procedure with keratin. This will help maintain the integrity of the treatment and rectification.

The client does not have to wash my hair or swim for 48 hours. It is also better to braid hair until not slaughter them or tie. Give them a little rest - any person after medical procedures will feel a little strange. And imagine what hair? If you still can not do without styling and makeup styling, do not forget to check the composition. In it should not contain sodium chloride, sulfate and alcohol. This is important because these substances reveal the cuticle, and you will not notice how fast your hair will no longer be smooth and straight. For example, sulfates, opening the cuticle is removed from there, and the texture of the keratin and the necessary moisture to the scalp.

However, after 48 hours you can dye your hair. It will not affect your hair.

There is another way to care for hair: instead of a washable air conditioner, for example, a kit for home care AmazonLiss Home Care can use indelible. This approach is very curly hair. In this case, you can not wait 48 hours - wash your hair after straightening is possible after 24 hours. You should wait until other means for hair and not wet them permanently. That is why you will approach leave-in conditioner that can be used on dry hair, not even washing them with shampoo before. If you still have washed a head, it is best to dry the hair dryer. We advise you to do so the first couple of days, the result was able to gain a foothold on the hair.

If you are going to swim in salt or chlorinated water, it is necessary to apply this leave-in conditioner, it will fill the pores and "saturate" your hair, so they will absorb less salt or bleach from the water. After swimming, rinse hair must always plain water before washing hair with shampoo.

You have to know that the care of the painted or have passed any other chemically treated hair after the Brazilian straightening will be much longer. The reason is that the texture of the hair is more porous, and the hair - impaired. For them to be well and look and watch.

Of course, one can not deny that there are other means for hair care after straightening, but these two are the most versatile and proven. If your customers do decide to try something new, to warn them that they were more attentive to the choice of means. It is better to think twice if you want to stay longer hair smooth and healthy!

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