How to treat hair after the Brazilian straightening?

Brazilian straightening is not just a way to make hair smooth: it's also kind of treatment for deep hair restoration. With the latest developments and modern compositions for hair straightening, keratin promotes not only hair beauty but health as well.

Keratin is a protein that can be found in skin, hair, teeth and nails. Chemical aldehyde derived from formaldehyde interacts with keratin to make the hair smooth and healthy. Now, many compositions for hair straightening contain the aldehyde, but Nutree doesn’t use it. Methylene glycol successfully replaces harmful substances and contributes to the treatment of hair.

However, it’s very important not just to choose the right composition and perform the procedure itself according to all the rules, but to keep the obtained result for as long as possible. Keratin treatment after care is what you need in order to maintain the result of the treatment. Therefore, we want to remind you about two ways of maintaining keratin hair straightening results.


In this article, we decided to give you several important keratin treatment after care tips. Check them all out!

1. Hair care tips for the first three days after the procedure

If the procedure is carried out in the salon, the stylist will most likely tell you about all the haircare rules after keratin straightening. It’s recommended to pay special attention to the hair during the first three days after the procedure.

We recommend you stick to the following simple rules:

  • don’t wash your hair or somehow make it wet;
  • don’t use styling products (hairsprays, gels, foams, wax, etc.);
  • don’t make ponytails or buns — give preference to loose hair;
  • don’t visit swimming pools or saunas;
  • use bed linen made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk), which prevent excessive perspiration.


 2. Why do you need sulphate-free shampoo? 

After keratin straightening, make sure to buy a special shampoo, conditioner and mask or hair oil  with keratin in composition. This will help to maintain the integrity of the keratin coating around each thin hair.

Regular shampoos contain numerous components, including sulfates. Such products foam well, but contribute to the washing out of keratin. As a result, the hair after keratin treatment retains a healthy structure and attractive appearance for a short time. Besides, the use of shampoos with parabens and other harmful components leads to hair loss. 

There are no such ingredients in sulfate-free shampoos. They contain natural ingredients, such as oils and natural extracts, as well as special substances that thoroughly clean the hair without damaging it. Many sulfate-free shampoos contain keratin as well.


 3. Keeping your hair dry. Why is it so important?

Keratin treatment after care is super important: you shouldn’t wash my hair or swim for 48 hours. The thing is that keratin coating should harden into your locks, thus, if you wash your hair earlier, you’ll just wash keratin out your locks.


 4. Keep your hair loose after the keratin treatment


It’s recommended not to tie your hair and just leave it loose. Give your locks a little rest. You know, any person feels a little strange after any treatment, the same refers to hair. Leaving your hair loose is needed in order to avoid creases. Let the keratin harden onto your locks before experimenting with your hairstyles.

If you still can’t do without styling, don’t forget to check the compositions of your products. They should not contain sodium chloride, sulfate and alcohol. This is important because these substances open up hair cuticles, and you won’t even notice how fast your hair will lose keratin. For example, above-mentioned sulfates open up hair cuticles. That’s why keratin treatment after care is important: it helps you to avoid many mistakes. 


 5. How fast can I dye my hair after keratin treatment


You can safely dye your hair not earlier than 72 hours after the keratin treatment. In this case, it won’t affect the keratin layer. The amount of keratin after hair dyeing can significantly decrease if you do not take a full break between these procedures. Besides, the pigment will lay unevenly on your locks, because it will not be able to penetrate the structure of the hair in the same amount, as your locks will be protected by keratin coating. 

As a result, the hairstyle won’t look nice and neat. At the same time, the effect of keratin treatment will be almost completely destroyed.

There is another way of keratin treatment after care: instead of a your regular hair conditioner, use, for example, a kit for home care from AmazonLiss Home Care. This approach is especially beneficial in case of very curly hair. If you use these products, you can not wait 72 hours and wash your hair after straightening after 24 hours. That is why you can use leave-in conditioner that can be used on dry hair without even washing them with shampoo. If you still have to wash your locks, it’s best to dry the hair with a hair dryer.


 6. How should you dry your hair after keratin straightening? 

Drying is performed only with hot air, since keratin hardens during heat application. After naturally drying, the curls can become wavy.

Care after keratin is based on the fact that a woman shouldn’t overuse a flat iron or styler, since the hair lies well after using a hair dryer.


 7. Is there any alternative to a regular shampoo?

A woman should have different hair care products on her shelf: shampoo, balm, conditioner, leave-in. Today, a particularly popular haircare product after keratin treatment is dry shampoo.

The principle of operation of dry shampoo is that dry particles absorb hair oil and sebum. It’s enough to spray the product on the strands, and then thoroughly comb them with a brush. You won’t even need to use water.

If you are going to swim in salt or chlorinated water, it is necessary to apply this leave-in conditioner, it will fill the pores and "saturate" your hair, so they will absorb less salt or bleach from the water. After swimming, rinse hair must always plain water before washing hair with shampoo.

You have to know that the care of the dyed or somehow treated after Brazilian straightening hair should be much more thorough. The reason is that the texture of the hair is more porous in such case.

Of course, one can’t deny that there are other products for hair care after straightening, but these two are the most versatile and proven. If your customers decided to try something new, ask them to be more attentive to the choice of haircare products. It is better to think twice if you want to prolong the amazing results of keratin treatment!


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