Girls, remember, you should wear a hat in winter! Hair follicles are very sensitive to cold, and if you constantly expose them to it, it can result in hair loss. So don’t be too lazy in order to choose a cool hat and remember our tips that will solve this “hat hair” winter problem.

  1. Always dry your hair well

If the hair remains at least a little wet, the hairstyle will take the form of a hat. Experts recommend washing your hair two hours before leaving (yes, it is difficult to do it when you need to be at work at 9 a.m.). Besides, a walk outside with wet hair in winter won’t lead to anything good.

  1. Turn on cold air for the last 2 minutes of drying

The hair should be cooled at the end of drying: it will be less tangled, the volume will last longer, and the hat will no longer be able to ruin the styling in a horrible way.

  1. Get yourself a high - quality comb

Metal or plastic combs electrify your hair.  Throw them away and change them to a new model made of antistatic materials (for example, silicone).

  1. Try our Amazonliss system

Amazonliss is a system of deep hair restoration and long-term hair straightening. Useful substances penetrate the hair cuticle, rebuild its structure, moisturize and restore damaged hair, giving it absolute brightness and maximum straightening for up to 6 months.

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