Hair dye is one of the oldest hair products ever. Since ancient times women wondered if hair dye damages hair. Let’s find it out.

Everything depends on the type of hair dye. There are three main types of modern hair dyes:

  • Stable hair dyes - the most popular for home hair dyeing. An indisputable plus of such products is the relatively low price, full toning of gray hair and good duration of the coloring effect. However, these dyes contain components such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. These are chemically active substances that penetrate into the hair and replace a person’s own pigment with paint pigment. It can lead to weak and brittle hair.

  • Tinting agents - available not only in the form of dyes but also in the form of tonics and shampoos. Their components don’t interfere with the structure of the hair, but simply create a kind of coating of the selected color on the surface of the hair. So here is the disadvantage of such products: they are very unstable and can‘t radically change the color of the hair, only slightly tint the natural shade.

  • Natural hair dyes - henna and basma. They also don’t damage the structure of the hair and create an indelible coating on its surface. The main advantage of natural hair dyes is their safety and incredible durability. However, such products have a limited set of shades (red, red-chestnut, black) and unpredictable results: they can give a different effect under the same conditions.

To sum up, every hair dye has its pros and cons. We only want you to dye your hair under the supervision of highly - qualified hairstylist in order to keep not just the beautiful hair color but the hair health as well. Don’t forget about the hair treatment! Pay attention to Nutree Bottox Expert treatment. It’s an extreme hair revival procedure with the effect which lasts up to 2 months. Shine and straightness - what can be a better addition for perfect hair color?

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