1. You’d better not to use hair clips, bobby pins or headbands - they rumple your hair,  leave creases that don’t look neat. Don’t use them until your hairstylist allows you. You don’t want to lose some of your hair because if the tight clips, do you?

2. Avoid moving your hair back behind your ears

The reason for this you can find in the previous paragraph - it leave creases, so you need your hair to be straightened again. Besides, don’t raise your hair in a bun or any high hairdo. 

3. Avoid sleeping on cotton pillowslips

After the Keratin Treatment choose silk pillowslips. Cotton pillowslips leave creases on your hair. Besides, silk doesn’t absorb as much moisture as cotton does. One more minus of cotton pillowslips is rubbing. Your hair rubs against the slip and therefore breaks. 

Choose satin or silk slips for your hair to be shiny and straight for a long time!

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