Keratin straightens the curly hair, making it look shiny. Such procedure replenishes the lost proteins back into your hair. Proteins are your hair building materials, making the hair healthy.

Why is Keratin Treatment important?

Keratin is a protein that can be found in our hair and nails. It acts like building materials of your hair. Proteins are Keratin’s main ingredient. They work in conjunction with some other ingredients, reviving even the dullest hair.

Why do we need Keratin in our hair?

95% of our hair contains of proteins, that’s what scientists say. You hair primarily loses proteins when it is subjected to harsh environmental factors. Besides, all of your stylers, hair sprays, pins produce a negative impact, damaging your hair on a daily basis. One day you will notice that the quality of your hair has just worsened. That’s why you need Keratin, acting as a moisturizer and a protecting agent. Make your hair amazing again using Keratin Treatment! 

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