Considering the fact, that 2020 was a really tough year, many people have high hopes for 2021. Among them are salon owners whose businesses suffered greatly due to lockdown and pandemics. In this article, we prepared several tips on how to turn 2021 into a really profitable year! Keep on reading!
Of course, the #1 goal is to increase client loyalty and retention. The simplest way of doing it is to determine who your target audience is, and when and how you should reach out to it. In the new year don’t forget to ensure e-mail accuracy and update your contact list. Thus, your clients will receive messages with special offers from you just on time!
However, messages are not enough. Your clients should have a reason to return to your salon. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a simple discount, nowadays this method doesn’t work as good as it did 10 years ago. Your incentive could be a friendly reminder, a package of services, or a special voucher.
Last but not least - add an online booking opportunity. Nowadays it’s not always convenient to call your salon administrator in order to have an appointment. Provide your clients with an opportunity to choose appointment time online! It will save their time and they will definitely notice your care!

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