Have you ever heard of Salon International? It’s the annual unforgettable event at the heart of the professional hairdressing industry! You can be either a newcomer or just a student looking for inspiration or a real pro showing your skills and being a source of inspiration for others. Salon International can offer you lots of interesting things! Let’s see what are the main activities of Salon International and why it’s worth attending!
First of all, there are lots of masterclasses and performances. Lots of skilled hairstylists from all over the world attend Salon International to show their skills. In 2012, for example, Simon Shaw, a super famous hairstylist was one of the Salon International stars. His performance was truly unforgettable!
Secondly, at Salon International, you have a great opportunity to win valuable prizes represented by useful hair products and devices. Contestants have all the chances to win $1000 worth of hairdressing stuff! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
Finally, you can enter different Facebook and Twitter competitions. If you win any of them, you’ll get a chance to meet and greet your favorite hairstylists as well as to receive different prizes!
Keep in mind that performers of the event have to take their time in order to prepare everything for the show, so even if you showed up in time, be ready that you will have to wait a little bit. However, don’t worry: a truly spectacular show is waiting for you! Such a hard work of stylists pays off and the audience bursts into applause!

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