If you still believe that in order to make your natural hair smooth and silky you have to spend thousands of dollars, then you’re absolutely mistaken! Nowadays hair botox products, as well as Brazilian keratin, can make your hair smooth without leaving you with $5 in the pocket!

Keratin treatment at home is a simple yet effective procedure aimed at restoration and strengthening of your hair. The keratin treatment price (if you buy a product set for home use) is low and the result of the treatment is amazing!

Try Nutree Amazonliss Brazilian Smoothing Treatment which is one of the most innovative and effective keratin treatments in today’s market of hair care products. It’s the long-term hair straightening with the effect that lasts up to 6 months! This product contains 4 types of hydrolyzed keratin, which gives an excellent straightening result. There are also natural components and extracts in the composition. The main stage of the procedure smoothes and straightens hair, making it obedient, soft, and shiny.

The same refers to hair botox treatment at home. Try our Nutree Bottox Expert. This product is one of the most famous Nutree products! Bottox Expert is successfully used in more than 50 countries.

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