Providing the best hair botox treatment, hair smoothing treatment and Brazilian blowout treatment sometimes isn’t enough in order to stand out from your competitors. Spying on competitors is one of the smartest strategies you can follow given that your competitors have a good chance of having knowledge that you have yet to discover.  

Analysis of competitors' digital activity is an essential part of the company's marketing strategy development. Spying on competitors is especially useful for the market newcomers trying to occupy their niche on a market that already sells successful products from other sellers. Observing the actions of other market players will help you optimize your advertising budget, increase your reach, and build your image on social networks.  Gather information, gain experience and learn from other people's mistakes. You can thoroughly analyze your competitors in just two to four weeks.

It’s legal to find out the traffic to the competitors' websites and their sources on the Internet. Use SimilarWeb or Alexa. Despite a little error rate, these services provide information on the number of unique visitors, traffic proportions, and customer acquisition channels among which are search engines, organic queries, social networks, referral programs, paid context. Knowing the benchmark will allow you to calculate the approximate level of your competitors’ orders. If you’re attentive enough then with the help of SimilarWeb you’ll be able to find out which websites contain links to the competitor’s website. It will help you to realize which websites can be used for placing your salon’s own ads.

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