Luxurious thick hair seems to be a dream of many women. Unfortunately, not so many ladies have naturally thick hair, however, you can easily make your hair much thicker using the advanced technologies that, by the way, are super affordable nowadays!
First of all, let’s start by reviewing your diet. Did you hear that hair health starts from the inside? First of all, pay attention to your diet! It should be well-balanced enough. Add more protein-containing food (meat, fish, eggs, nuts). Besides, don’t forget about vitamins A, E, C and D which you can find in fruits and vegetables!
Unfortunately, shampoos and conditioners alone won’t make your hair thicker and shinier for long. The magic effect will last until the first hair wash, which is pretty sad. For the effect that will last, we recommend you try Amazonliss Pro-Keratin Mask.
Pro-Keratin Mask is a brand new innovative product introduced by Nutree. It was developed with Coconut Water and Balsamic Blend. These ingredients have organic acids content and natural antioxidants which provide retexturization of hair fibers and nourishment of the cuticular structure, making your hair stronger than ever!

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