If you often make tight buns and ponytails or if you’re a fan of different headdresses, it means that your head and scalp suffer tension that can weaken your hair and even become a reason of scalp and hair issues. How can you release such tension? Check out this article and find it out! 1. Do a head massage. Head massage is pleasant and beneficial procedure for your hair and scalp. It’s useful to do such a massage regularly 2-3 times a week. Scalp massage improves blood circulation in the upper layer of the scalp, in which the hair roots are located. As a result, they literally wake up and start working!  2. Use sulfate-free shampoos. Due to the softness of the base, the sulfate-free shampoo eliminates impurities and excess sebum, however, it produces a soft effect on the scalp and hair. 3. Perform haircare and scalp care procedures in beauty salons. For example, scrubs work amazing, as well as keratin hair treatment. We recommend you try  Amazonliss Pro-Keratin anti-frizz home care mask. The gel formula is a brand new formula of keratin developed exclusively by Nutree. It provides 10 times more hydration! The gel keratin was developed with Balsamic Blend Poli-Hidroxi-Acids source, in special Gluconolactona, with high content of organic acids, natural antioxidants with intense retexturizing action from capillary fiber rebalancing the pH and sealing the hair cuticles.

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