There are so many hair myths that women don’t even know how many mistakes they make in their haircare routine! This applies to the owners of beautiful natural hair as well. What are the 7 myths about natural hair that can even damage it instead of making your locks stronger and healthier? Check out this article to find them all out!Myth #1. Natural hair gets used to shampoo. That’s false! If you see that your shampoo perfectly meets all the needs of your hair, don’t change it!Myth #2. Dry scalp is the main reason for dandruff. Of course, it’s not. Dandruff can be caused by many reasons, for example, improper hair care, lack of vitamins A and B, nervous overstrain, stress.Myth #3. Split hair ends can be restored. Unfortunately, they can be neither glued nor restored. You can only cut them off.Myth #4. Proper hair care will make your natural hair thicker. If genetically you have thin hair, no procedure or treatment can make it thick from the inside.Myth #5. The more often you wash your hair, the longer it stays nice and fresh. Just like the natural hair color, the amount of sebum produced by hair scalp is  predetermined genetically. Frequent hair washing can even spoil your locks making them more brittle!Myth #6. If you pull out one thin gray hair, then 2 or 3 thin hairs will grow in its place. That’s one of the most ridiculous myths, however, we should say that it’s not true!Myth #7. Cool water smoothes the hair cuticle. Since the hair consists of dead tissue, neither cold nor hot water can somehow affect the condition of the hair cuticle.In order to make your natural hair even more beautiful, use Amazonliss Tanino. It is a 100% formaldehyde-free botox, which means that it’s not allergic and won’t cause irritation or itchy eyes while using. Besides, you won’t even need flat iron in order to make your hair amazingly smooth and healthy! You’ll only need a blow dryer and a brush to perform this amazing treatment! The effect of Amazonliss Tanino lasts up to 3 months.

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