Do you notice that your hair color became duller and drier lately? However, hair dyeing can spoil your hair even more, making it nastier than ever! What is the ultimate solution that will make your hair not just revived but super bright again? Nutree is glad to introduce the brand new Bottox Expert hair masks for all hair colors! Find out more in this article!There are three new products that will help you not just to make your hair super healthy again but to make your hair color as vivid as if you just left the beauty salon! We’re glad to introduce you Bottox Expert Hair Mask for Dark Brown Hair, Bottox Expert Hair Mask for Red and Ginger Hair, and Nutree ProfessionalBottox Expert Hair Mask for Gray hair. Yes, now you have the opportunity to make even gray hair gorgeous and lively again!Red Bottox is a perfect solution for red and ginger hair. These hair colors MUST be bright and vivid in order to make a women look truly magnificent! Now redheads have a perfect product that will make their hair color amazing without any damage! The main point is that this mask doesn’t dye your hair - it works from the inside and keeps the bright color of your hair for 1 months! The therapeutic results are long-lasting, for up to 8 weeks! Each hair strand will be deeply restored.With age, you lose melanin in your hair follicles. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the color of your natural locks. Our brand new Advanced Hair Treatment Mask will give you healthier-looking hair in just few minutes, isn’t it a miracle? The protein in the composition of the mask will fill the gaps in the protective cuticle layer of your strands, improving hair texture!Brown Bottox was exclusively created for our amazing brunettes! A blend of highly nourishing specialized ingredients enriches the hair with vitamins, so it becomes shiny, moisturized, and renewed.

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