Well, well, well… We’ve never speculated on such a topic before which means that the time has come. Lots of women know how to apply keratin treatment and care for hair after it, but is there anyone who knows how to get rid of it? Why would anyone want to remove keratin from hair? Is there a way to do it safely and successfully? Let’s find out all the answers in this article! 


Reasons of why you might want to wash off keratin 

 - Bad result. Yes, sometimes it happens when the stylists chooses wrong composition for your hair type or just violates the procedure. In some cases, the composition itself may be of bad quality, so the result will be unsatisfying as well.

 - Desire to go back to curly hair. Yes, women can just get tired of smooth locks, so they want to get rid of keratin.

 - Straight hair doesn’t suit a woman. We can’t be 100% sure that we will look amazing with smooth locks, that’s why some women don’t like their new hair look, and we can’t blame them for that! 

Allergic reaction. This can be very dangerous, that’s why this case requires fast actions.

- Hair loss. Keratin treatment indeed makes locks thick and saturated, however, too strong compositions applied on weak hair can become a reason of breakage and hair loss, as keratin layer will be too heavy for such locks to handle. 


How can you remove keratin from your hair? 

If the woman is dissatisfied with the result of the keratin straightening result, then a desire to wash off the composition from the locks is understandable and natural. After all, the effect can lash for up to six months. You can wash off keratin by frequent hair washing, combing, visiting swimming pools or salt water springs. 

Expose your locks to hot humid air in saunas and baths, as experts claim that the keratin layer is destroyed under such influences. You should achieve such effect to return your locks to their previous state.


 Professional products

1. You can wash off keratin from the hair in such ways as frequent hair washing with shampoos containing sulfates. You can also use shampoos for deep cleaning or anti-residue shampoos. However, it’s worth noting that deep cleansing shampoos are very aggressive, so it’s not recommended to use them more than once a week, or else your scalp and locks may face some negative consequences such as dryness and dandruff.

2. There are also special removers (or color removers) for hair, for example, acid removers. After a couple of such procedures, the keratin composition will be washed off the hair.

3. Another tip on how to wash off the keratin composition from the hair is the lightening or bleaching. You can simply make highlights using ammonia hair dye. Under the action of it, keratin is destroyed, respectively, washed off from the hair.

4. In cosmetic stores you can find did. jam shampoos-peels and shampoos-scrubs. They also help to wash off the straightening composition pretty effectively.

5. Some hairstylists recommend use baby shampoos. For example, such shampoo should be soaped on the strands 2-3 times, then the hair should be rinsed and dried 30 minutes later. Further, after the destruction of the keratin layer, you’ll need to use sulfate-free shampoos.


Folk remedies

Sometimes women use folk remedies. Such methods may be more aggressive yet more effective. They can both wash off keratin from the hair, and damage your locks. 


 1. Some ladies use a solution with honey and soda. It’s recipe is quite simple: 3 tablespoons of soda mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey and water. This mixture is used to wash the hair instead of shampoo. The hair will become noticeably more voluminous and maybe even frizzy after drying, which indicates that the strands are cleaned from the keratin composition. The treatment is performed 2-3 times until the desired effect is achieved.


 2. There’s one more method (which can make your scalp and hair dry, so be careful!) An effective folk remedy is a saline solution. The recipe for its preparation is simple as well: you need to dilute 5 tablespoons of salt with water, then rinse your hair thoroughly with such a solution, wait for 10 minutes and rinse again. 

In any case, the keratin composition WON’T be immediately washed away. High-quality keratin treatment has a 4-6 months effect, it depends on the structure of the hair. We DON’T want you to experiment on your own, so be sure contact your hairstylist before using ANY of the above-mentioned tips!

Keratin straightening has its drawbacks and unforeseen circumstances, so before you perform it,  make sure that the composition chosen is suitable for your locks. It can be difficult to wash keratin off from your hair at home, in many cases it may be dangerous. Prompt action is required in case of an allergy or sudden hair loss.


Using any of the methods to wash off the keratin, you need to use a special spray, conditioner or mask afterwards. This will provide gentle care after any steps you take to wash off keratin.

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