Many ladies know that keratin hair treatment is a pretty time-consuming procedure, as you’ll need 2-5 hours in order to complete all necessary steps. However, the latest keratin development which is express keratin can significantly save your time and make your hair smooth and shiny up to 3 months! What is a keratin express treatment, how does it work, and what are the differences between a classic keratin straightening and its express version? Let’s find everything out together in this article!

What is the difference between express keratin and its classic option? 

First of all, let’s recall all steps that classic keratin treatment includes. They are all the same basically. 

1. First of all, you should wash the hair with a special anti-residue shampoo, leaving it on your locks for 5 minutes. This will provide deep cleansing.

2. Then blow dry your hair leaving it just a little bit wet (your hair should be about 85% dry). Section the hair into 6-8 equal parts.

3. Apply smoothing composition on each section, starting from the base of the head. Don’t apply too much or else there’s a risk of over-saturation. 

4. With the hair dryer set to cold air, fully dry your hair without brushing it. Repeat on all sections.

5. Divide hair into four parts and then flat iron each of them from 8 to 10 times. Adjust the temperature according to your hair type.

 6. Rinse the hair. Apply nourishing repair mask, leaving it on your hair for 5-10 minutes. Rinse again.

 7. Blow-dry your hair.


So, basically, these are the common steps of a classic keratin treatment. Express keratin treatments have fewer steps. For some of them, you won’t need a flat iron, for others — anti-residue shampoo or even repair mask which is a final step. This significantly simplifies the whole treatment which is especially important if you perform it yourself at home! However, the results obtained will be quite similar as in case of classic keratin: your locks will become smooth, shiny, and obedient, hair styling time will reduce.  


Benefits of express keratin

In fact, express keratin treatment has lots of pros:

you don’t need several products, thus, you don’t have to constantly switch between them which can be fussy and tiresome;

 - express keratin is financially beneficial, as you only pay for a single bottle instead of the whole set;

 - express keratin is easier to be performed at home even by a person who has never performed such a treatment;

 - it’s a more sparing keratin option, as you don’t have to use extreme heat from flat iron;

 - this option is very time-consuming: you’ll only need 1-2 hours to complete the treatment even if you have gorgeous long locks. 

 - one-step keratin treatment lasts 2-3 months instead of 4-6 as in case of classic keratin treatment. And yes, it’s a positive effect, as we know that women love experiments, and some ladies only want their locks to be straight for a certain period of time! In such case, express keratin will be a perfect solution.

What types of express keratin are there on the market?

Express keratin is only gaining popularity at the moment, however, let’s review some of the options and their examples on Nutree products. We have two express options which are Unique Step and Tanino.

Let’s start from Amazonliss Unique Step Protein Smoothing Treatment. It’s a quick one-step procedure, it excludes the stages of anti-residue shampoo and a final mask, making it possible to obtain a 100% hair straightening effect at the first application.

Unique Step smoothes hair from the inside out. The composition was developed using advanced nanotechnology that is enriched with microparticles of thermo-hydrolyzed protein, which penetrate the structure of the hair and contribute to the instant restoration and straightening of hair in just one application. You will get incredibly smooth, obedient, silky hair for up to 3 months.


The application technology is very simple as well:

1. No need to wash your hair with anti - residue shampoo.

 2. Apply Amazonliss Unique Step Protein Smoothing Treatment to your hair.

 3. Leave the composition on the hair for 40 minutes.

 4. Rinse hair, leaving approximately 50% of the composition on your hair.

 5. Using a hairdryer, blowdry your hair and divide it into 4 parts.

 6. Take a thin strand of hair and straighten it with a flat iron from the roots to the middle of the length for 8-10 times and down to the ends of the hair for 4-6 times. The temperature of the flat iron should be 180 ° - 230 ° (use a lower temperature for damaged hair).

The next express keratin treatment is Amazonliss Tanino. It’s 100% formaldehyde-free, which means that it’s not allergic and won’t cause irritation or itchy eyes while using. In order to perform this treatment, you won’t need anti-residue shampoo and a flat iron, as you’ll only need a blow dryer and a brush. The effect of Amazonliss Tanino lasts up to 3 months.

This product is a combination of keratin and 24 amino acids. The key ingredient of this product is tannins, which originated from Tamarindus. Tamarindus is a leguminous tree, indigenous to tropical Africa. Tannins are beneficial in many ways; they treat, moisturize, and protect hair.


The procedure steps are super easy as well:

Apply Tanino onto your wet hair and leave the composition for about 30-40 minutes;

 - Rinse your hair, leaving just a small amount of composition in order to blow-dry your locks;

 - Blow-dry your hair brushing it at the same time and enjoy the most amazing results!

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