Many people around the globe still believe that blonde hair care is very expensive and not everyone can actually afford it. However, in today’s article, we would like to dispel such a popular myth and give you an example of true economic and effective hair care products for blondes! 

Blonde hair dyes are the most aggressive ones, which isn’t a secret. They often contain ammonia which makes hair very dry and brittle. However, today there are many non-ammonia hair dyes on the market which treat the hair much delicately but at the same time providing a great result.

In order to maintain a beautiful shade, blondes indeed use many products, but in fact, they all can be replaced by only two of them! 

Nutree Blonde Secret Violet Shampoo. It’s a special shampoo for the elimination of yellow shades on blonde hair. You know that purple shampoos can be harsh and can dry your hair, but Blonde Secret is an exception. Among its ingredients are wheat and soy proteins, contributing to hair restoration.

Nutree Blonde Bottox Expert, which is a system that deeply restores the damaged blonde hair, eliminating brassiness and giving hair the luxurious platinum shade. 

Here it is! We hope that we managed to show you that you don’t need to be a millionaire in order to afford high-quality hair care for your blonde hair! 

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