Brunettes can actually relax, as stylists offer them a broad variety of different hairstyles that will be incredibly popular on summer 2020. Do you want to be trendy? Check this article! 

Meteorologists claim that summer 2020 will be very hot. Luckily, all women can still be stylish, as stylists claim that the bun is the #1 summer hairdo. It can be either messy or sleek, the shape of it actually doesn’t matter. Choose your option according to the occasion and your personal preferences. 

Spring 2020 was definitely the bangs season. Guess what? This super popular trend remains hot even this summer! Hairstylists offer brunettes a broad choice of different bangs styles, starting from elongated French bangs to ultrashort boyish option. The only bangs that aren’t that trendy are diagonal, however, if you make such an option a little bit shaggy - forget about what we said, that’s awesome!

The next trend is short haircuts. If you prefer very short options, pay attention to a pixie, Garson, Gavroche, and bob haircuts. If you are more into some elegant and classy options, all these cuts can be made elongated. Such variants perfectly accentuate facial features and make your look very feminine. 

If you are lucky to have long hair, then different braid options are definitely your trend! Frech, Dutch, fishtail, classic, all these options will look good on both curly and straight hair. You’re limited only by your fantasy! 

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