Even as bleach may prove to be the best way to reach the desired hair color, some of the negative effects may also come out. Hair, exposed to the impact of bleach, has usually a tendency to get weaker within time. To restore the natural hair health, you need to apply special hair care products (like keratin treatment), moreover, you should know how to use them correctly.

How does hair bleaching works?

Hair bleach interferes the production of melanin – natural element, discovered in the human hair. The bleach is considered to lighten the hair due to a chemical process, namely an oxidation. This very process allows for bleach or permanent hair dye to turn the trick.

Oxidation may be efficient to lighten hair but it’s quite harmful because it does damage to the natural keratin, that is contained in human hair. Mainly, keratin is most negatively affected by all essential Keratin elements.

Subsequently, hair loses its elasticity and gloss. Also, it may change significantly. It might even get dry, frizzy and hard to stylize. If such a situation is familiar to you, you must restore your hair health first.

Keratin treatment for bleached hair

To start the treatment, you have to enrich your hair with keratin to protect the cortex significantly. If you are going to apply some hair conditioners, they won’t resolve this problem, as they just work to moisturize hair and prevent it from getting dry. The only product that will surely help you in this situation is a Keratin-rich solution.

Keratin treatment after bleaching hair is used not only as a substitute for the one in your damaged hair, but it may also become quite used to straighten hair.

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