Dandruff can be observed when small pieces of dead skin shed off the scalp.

This can be the result of overdried skin or, conversely, excessively greasy skin, as well as sensitivity to some hair care products. Dandruff can indicate some disorders and even diseases, but more often it is just an unpleasant and non-aesthetic hair condition. But can Brazilian Keratin Treatment make the things worse in women, who suffer from dandruff?

In fact, the problem is that hair care products applied in the process of this treatment can lose their effectiveness when used in women suffering from dandruff. Moreover, sulfates, which often can be found in antidandruff products, can compromise the effectiveness of the treatment. To avoid any unpleasant consequences in case you use antidandruff products, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist prior to the treatment and to undergo a sensitization test.

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